Elementary- Spring 2014 and Fall 2015 (5th-6th grade)

- Students who have typically had a hard time doing their regular homework, were very good at doing the Crave 21 workbook assignments at home. (5th grade teacher)

- Students who typically are shy and don’t participate much in classroom discussion were more active in sharing and engaging when discussing the Crave 21 challenge in class. (5th grade teacher)

- I learned that it's important to not try drugs or drink before 21 because of addiction.
-That addiction is like a disease and they can sometimes be really bad and dangerous for you.

- I think Crave 21 was a cool thing because at our age we are getting addicted to things like electronics and we need to learn how to control them.

- That addiction is super unhealthy for you and could hurt the people around you too.

- The challenge made me try new things and I read more instead of tv and played outside more too!

- I found that finding other activities distracts you from your old crave

- I learned that I was a stronger and healthier person when I gave up my crave.

- I liked that you could do it with your classmates and I liked the cause of it and how it taught us ways to be in self-control.

- If you start drinking beer before 21 you can lose control because your brain is still not fully developed. - I liked learning about dopamine and why the brain makes you crave things
- I learned that controlling my craves is not easy and addictions are 100x harder.
- I think everyone should take the crave 21 challenge so they can become better and healthier people. - I feel very strong now and I want to keep going! 

High School / Middle School- Fall 2014 and Spring 2015

- The most valuable thing I learned was not only that I CAN give up biting my nails, but that replacing it with something positive is a fantastic way to approach any craving. I was able to focus on scholarships and do thoughtful things for my friends and family as two positive alternatives to my crave. I saw this experience as a way to prove to myself I am able to accomplish anything I set my mind to, and that by replacing it with something else, I can keep away from that unhealthy habit.

- I gave up junk food for the challenge, and I learned that giving up something with so many other people, and constantly having support from your peers makes it so much easier. Something I thought was going to be so hard to do wasn't, because I had so many other people doing it with me. In the future If I am struggling with something, or I am trying to give up a bad habit, I know that someone else is going through something just like I am, or even to have someone do it with me.

- I learned to focus on the things that I enjoy doing, instead of using all that time to be on social media. I love to read, so that is what I replaced social media with, and even though it didn't read much during the challenge, I've been reading a lot more now that the challenge is done.

- My experience also taught me to have more respect for people going that are trying to stop doing drugs or alcohol. I never want to be in a position to want something so much that my entire body is addicted to it, and I can't simply "give it up" for 21 days.

- Open’s your eyes to what you take for granted and and what you think is just a small part of your life and it's really much more

- Personally I found my "triggers" and learned from that. Interestingly enough, some were very surprising to me, not the typical trigger I would have imagined. I will continue to learn about addiction.

- Because of the support text that I was a part of, I was motivated to exercise more and eat better just based on what others gave up.

- I’ve learned a lot about the science of addiction. Our bodies are wired for addiction. I've also learned that this is not something you can do on your own - you need a team of people to help encourage and

- It was really hard for me to give it up especially when i work at McDonalds and get free ice cream. I eat ice cream almost everyday. I realized how 100 times harder it must be when you smoke, drink, or do drugs and your trying to give that up. Especially if your in a home environment with that.

- This experience has really opened my eyes and shown me how real and difficult addiction is to deal with - I loved the dopamine information. It made it easier to explain it to others.

- It made me mindful of making sure I was making good choices for a healthy life and to support those who struggle with addictions.

- Giving up junk food made me a healthier and more energetic person. I had more energy to do things, and I felt so much better at the end of the day. So if I already went for 21 days,why would I go back to my old habits? Why would I want to feel more tired at the end of the day? I am now going to continue my challenge and strive in other ways to make myself a healthier person.