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Get SPONSORED by Crave 21 and become an AMBASSADOR to your school and community!  We are sponsoring motivated and passionate students (High School - College) to become an Ambassador who will promote and recruit participants at their school and in the community.  We are limiting sponsorships to groups of 2-3 students per school, and will provide the following awards to those who do an awesome job!

1) We will award you with an Official Letter of Recognition, if you are able to recruit a minimum of 50 people from your school or community to participate in the Crave 21 Challenge!  This can be used for college applications and resumes.

2) We will award you with an Official Crave 21 T-shirt, if you're able to recruit at least 100 people in your school or community to participate in the Crave 21 Challenge! 

3) We will award the top achieving Ambassadors with Special Letters of Recognition to be used for college applications and resumes!

*We are also looking for corporate and business sponsors who can financially donate to this program and Addiction Education.  If you can help refer or secure a business sponsor in your area, we will financially reward you!

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