We have a passion for healthy living and pushing the limits of our potential. Crave 21 is a licensed program operated by New Way Recovery, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit, and we use this program to raise awareness and teach people about the dangers of harmful addictions to drugs and alcohol. We believe people are destined to achieve great things, but all too often they can get held back by harmful addictions and bad habits. Our goal is to help people live better and healthier lives, and the Crave 21 challenge is the perfect platform in achieving that.

Who can participate in the Challenge?

Everybody! We encourage people to recruit their friends and family to join the challenge with them.

How do I decide what to give up?

To maximize your experience during the challenge, we recommend giving up your biggest and most unhealthy craving. If you only play video-games once a week, it might not be the best craving to give up. But if you play video-games every day, that might be something worth considering. Your biggest craving may also be different from your friends, and we encourage you to choose something that is best for you. And make sure not to give something up that can be easily replaced by another unhealthy craving... like giving up chocolate, only to replace it with other forms of candy (so try giving up all sweets instead). The idea is to replace your unhealthy craving with a better one, like swapping TV for reading a good book, or swapping sweets for some delicious fruit or physical activity.

What if I can't resist my craving and "give in" during the 21-days?

We don’t expect everyone to be perfect through the entire 21 days... in fact, if you are having a hard time fighting the crave, that means you picked a good one to give up! The more challenging it is, the greater your experience will be. Just remember not to give up if you slip, and keep fighting the crave!

How do I get my school involved?

Contact your county prevention coalition coordinator, or reach out to us directly via or our contact us page.

What if my school is not involved with the challenge, can I still register and participate?

Absolutely! Although we recommend that you participate with a school or organization that is promoting the challenge, you are not required to attend that school in order to register and participate.