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Elementary Program

"The most fun and impactful program you will do all year!"

5th Grade Teacher (West Ottawa Public Schools)

What happens when a class of students give up their biggest and most unhealthy craving for 21-days?  Great things happen.  Students discover new passions and skills, develop better habits, and achieve more in school.  The Crave 21 challenge gives students the opportunity to share these experiences with classmates, while at the same time learn about the dangers of addiction to drugs and alcohol and how to live healthier and better lives. 

What is it?

Crave 21 is a challenge where students give up their biggest craving for 21-days. Popular unhealthy cravings include social media, candy, video games, soda, t.v., and more. Students recruit friends and family to join and participate in the challenge, making this an incredible community event that promotes family engagement around an important issue. 

What happens during the challenge?

Throughout the challenge students complete a 21-day workbook that teaches a variety of learning objectives as it relates to cravings, addiction, and healthy living. The workbook can be completed in class or at home, with teacher discretion in how much time to allocate each day for reviewing content objectives and classroom discussion (10-15 minutes). The Crave 21 workbook supplements drug and alcohol education units, and satisfies common core requirements. 

What do students learn?

Students learn a variety of learning objectives that satisfies common core standard requirements utilizing evidence based learning techniques for drug and alcohol education.  Some of the learning objectives include:   

1. Identifying and understanding the impact of healthy and unhealthy craves

2. The science of craving, dopamine, and triggers
3. The science of addiction, how it relates to craving, and the dangers of alcohol, tobacco, and drug use

4. How to handle cravings, temptations, and peer pressure
5. Learning the importance of moderation and ways to improve your lifestyle, health, and academic performance. 


1. Satisfies common core standard requirements for drug and alcohol education.

2. Utilizes evidence based methodologies, including "experiential learning" that has proven to increase learning impact and retention.

3. Has demonstrated strong parental engagement (most family members participate in the challenge as well)

4. Has demonstrated a direct positive impact on student health and academic performance

5. Minimal class time allows this program to be easily adapted into a busy classroom schedual

6. Flexibility of the program allows classroom discussions to compliment existing curriculum and allows for deeper and more powerful discussion around the learning objectives. 

7. Students can participate in the Crave 21 Challenge each year beyond elementary school through our online world-wide program.  This provides continued emphasis on the learning objectives and further promotes positive and healthy lifestyle choices.