By submitting this application for your school below, you agree to the following terms and conditions of the Crave 21 program:

  1. Crave 21 gives you approval to use the Crave 21 brand, program, and its materials for the current school year at the school you represent. You may not sell, distribute, or profit from the materials or make modifications to the materials without written consent of Crave 21.
  2. You and your school agree to share 21% of any fundraising that is tied to the Crave 21 program.  We strongly encourage you to fundraise to help support your school and the Crave 21 program, but it is not required.  If you do participate in the fundraising, we require payment to be made within 7 days immediately following the last day of the fundraiser.  If you would like to license the program for a small fee, please contact us for arrangements.