Why do you Crave your Crave? #becausedopamine 

Dopamine is a chemical naturally produced by the brain that causes us to feel pleasure. The brain releases various amounts of dopamine depending on the activity (eating, laughing, exercising, winning, etc.).  Dopamine is released in two stages; when we 1) anticipate and then 2) when we actually experience the pleasurable activity.   When we anticipate a pleasurable activity, like seeing or smelling a chocolate chip cookie, the brain actually releases a very small amount of dopamine.  This small amount of dopamine causes us to “crave” more of it and drives us to want to experience the activity in full (like eating the entire cookie).  Overtime, the brain physically wires itself to crave certain things that bring us joy and pleasure, which becomes the engine of habit formation. As you will learn later in this challenge, Dopamine is highly addictive.