The 3 Levels of Craving

We experience cravings for almost everything we enjoy, but some cravings can be stronger than others.  Let's identify the 3 different levels of craving, starting from the weakest to the strongest.

1) I Like it  (weakest) - These are cravings that you like, but don't do often.  Examples might include fishing on the weekends, going out with friends to see a movie, or eating birthday cake.  These are things that you enjoy on occasion and is easy to beat the craving with another activity.

2) I Love it (strong)- These are cravings that you really love and do often.  Examples might include playing video games, reading books, drinking soda, watching t.v., or going on Facebook.  These are things that you really enjoy doing and sometimes find it hard to not do them.  These cravings are stronger than the "I Like it" cravings, and often develop into daily habits.  

3) I Need it (strongest) - These are the strongest of the cravings, reserved for things that we need in order to survive. This includes eating, drinking, and sleeping. The body makes these cravings the strongest to help us survive.  This level of craving is also considered an addiction, which you will learn more about further in this workbook.

Note: It is important to understand that cravings can increase over time and go from I LIKE it to I LOVE it... and sometimes to I NEED it.  A popular example is when someone goes from playing video-games once a week, to playing video-games for several hours each day.  You will learn more about this later in the workbook.