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Global Health Challenge
Raising Awareness & Support for Youth Addiction.

Founder Camden Brieden explains the backstory of the Crave 21 Challenge, what it is, how it started, and why it's important.

Addiction sucks.  Whether it be alcohol or drugs, or something less serious like candy, Facebook, or Starbucks, these things can hold us back and sometimes ruin our life.  Over 40 million people across the United States have a harmful addiction to alcohol, nicotine, or drugs (that's 2x the number of people with cancer), and 90% of them started their addictions before the age of 18 (source:  The choices and habits we make in our youth heavily influences who we become later in life.  Some of the best athletes, entrepreneurs, and leaders attribute much of their success to the choices and habits they developed at an early age. 

Our mission is to educate and empower our youth to make healthier choices.  Their choice to abstain from drugs and wait until 21 before considering alcohol can help reduce their risk for addiction by up to 90%. Join us as we campaign to educate and empower our future generations to live free from addiction.

If you can't join us for the Crave 21 Challenge, please consider making a small donation to our charity New Way Recovery, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit that provides critical health education to youth across the country. Helping to educate and empower youth to live drug and alcohol free is one of the most important and impactful decisions they can make in their life! For just $5 you can help provide critical health programming to one student. For every 4 students we empower, we can save 1 life from addiction (source: Making a small donation is super easy, fast and secure. Donate here.

How Does This Work?


Join the challenge (it's FREE) and choose a crave that you will give up for 21 days. What you give up is totally up to you, but we encourage things that are challenging and will positively impact your life! Popular examples include candy, soda, caffeine, video-games, TV & Netflix, social media, sugar/sweets, etc.



It's kinda like the Ice Bucket Challenge... After you join, invite your friends to join you in the challenge (call them out on social!) or donate $21 to critical health education and addiction prevention for youth across the country!


 Throughout the challenge, we will share videos and fun facts about how addictions and habits work (via our app - see below), so you can become the best and most successful version of yourself! This is a personal journey, so remember to push yourself and never give up even if you mess-up a few times. You will also have the opportunity to meet new people and support each other through this amazing experience!!

Good Luck!

Download the Crave 21 App!

The Crave 21 App is available and FREE to download via any smart phone, tablet, or computer. Track your progress and join a community of people building better habits. The Crave 21 App is hosted by Coach.Me, a leading habit driven community that allows you to share your experiences and support others!

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